Retreaded “King Meiler” tyres

Safe, environmental-friendly and perfected in their performance, the retreaded tyres of the “King Meiler” brand have been rolling for more than 60 years no from the production located in northern Germany.

Tyres from an extensive product range which includes almost all profiles for cars, SUVs, 4x4 vehicles, lorries, special tyres and tyres for races, fulfil all your requirements regarding the driving comfort and safety at any time of the year.

In order to meet all weather conditions properly and fulfil particularly high demands in the competition area, the product range of “King Meiler” includes summer, winter, all-season and special tyres with speed indices up to “W”, which corresponds to the speed of 270 km/h.

“King Meiler” tyres carry not only a crown in their logo, but also many trophies as well. Not without the reason had one scored and taken the third place before various new tyres with the “WinterTact WT81” when participating in the tests carried out by the famous TV form of the magazin “auto mobile” . Only one step away from the crown featured in the logo.

The awards considered by the manufacturer as “everyday” include:

  • Quality management certificate of TÜV Nord DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality certificate of Testing Laboratory Nord
  • 2-year warranty - just as for new tyres
  • Certificate of ECE standards 108/109 (as per KBA - Kraftfahrtbundesamt)
  • top position in comparison tests

“King Meiler” can even more

If we take a short time jump back to the establishment of the “King Meiler” brand, we will land in year 1953. The manufacturer, Reifen Hinghaus GmbH is today the largest retreaded tyre facility for car tyres in the entire Europe and one of the last in Germany.

The “King Meiler” tyres are currently used in racing as well. The drift teams “Turbo Garage” and “Rubber Killaz” have first quietly sneaked in with retreaded tyres manufactured by Reifen Hinghaus GmbH and in the meantime managed to take the top places in almost every race. Moreover, many other racing teams rely upon the retreaded tyres for racing. “King Meiler” can do it not only quickly but also spectacularly: Retreaded tyres produced with the aid of very special formulas ensure special effects when drifters want to emit a coloured smoke.

The development of “King Meiler” tyres from an everyday item and commodity into a product which grows along with its requirements and which is constantly oriented towards its environment and all our needs, is closely connected with brands .

Whether the “King Meiler” helps our cars roll or carries our transporters along countless kilometres of roads, or the new developments are achieved from participation in research projects: “King Meiler” includes a wide range of tyres which are normally safe to innovative.