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King Meiler tyres - a tyre specialist, a trademark synonymous with quality. The concept of retreaded tyres resulted from the earlier ideas on conservation of the resources. Developed with decades of experience. Optimised thanks to participation in development and research projects. Visionary with new ideas for innovative solutions.

On the road, the specialist King-Meiler tyre is a safe companion for mile-eaters. King-Meiler brings commercial vehicles and their load safely to their destination. King-Meiler special drift tyres help the drift drivers to skid - and that in colour as well. Tarmac racers of all disciplines also find their faithful companion in King-Meiler tyres.

Retreaded tyres - as good as new!

Retreading yesterday and an advance today. Having emerged from a great idea for environmental protection, the products convince by virtue of their quality and are in no way inferior to the “new”. 

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  • Presorting and inspection of used tyres (casings)
  • Buffing of selected casings to prepare them for their intended use
  • Application of rubber compound to the buffed casings to produce tyres ready for moulding (green casings)
  • Heating of the green casings
  • Finish - last check and cosmetics

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Certified quality

Safety above all. The quality of King Meier is thoroughly tested. Numerous tests and inspections of various kinds are monitored by various institutions - no matter whether the tyres are tested on racing tracks, on drum rollers in the institute or the rubber compound is tested during test rides or in chemical laboratories.

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