Social Engagement

In order to not only survive in the market, but above all, to have a clear conscience and serve as role models in the society, it is not enough to get the most from own operation. Rather, we must commit ourselves also to areas which will not necessarily increase our sales or simply improve the working conditions.

At the present time it is difficult to find the right field to which you would like to contribute. Nobody can buy themselves out, but still, every investment in supporting the combat as well as prevention of chronic diseases is well made.

The reasons for deciding to provide initial financial support to DKMS are both diverse and personal. When it comes to this institution, the money invested in it is well invested and beneficial for a diversified pool of target persons.

Anyone can help with DKMS. We invest time and money by both contribution flows and supporting the events under the auspices or with the motto.

  • You need more information about DKMS? You can visit their official website here
  • You want to become active? The so-called type identification works quickly and easily.
  • You shy away from even the first step of type identification and wonder what else you can do? Even the smallest contribution would be helpful. The more you know about this, the greater chances you’ll have of finding suitable donors.