Choose the Best - Test the Rest

Current events, ground-braking news as well as keeping an eye on the market and comparison to own operation, the logistics and the product itself: These are all steps useful for implementation of improvements. With a healthy dose of curiosity, there is enough space for keeping eye on novelties and development of innovations, in addition to everyday business operation.

Reifen Hinghaus GmbH dedicated itself to constant further development and via several venues follows the route on which it can assure even a higher quality for the “King Meiler” product. Finally, not only that the production benefits from this but also the results are achieved which tend to extend the capacity even in other sectors of automotive industry and in this way, a wide range of benefits for the customers is also achieved.

Research & Development

In large-scale projects in the field of research & development, the “King Meiler” tyres are much appreciated - theroetically, scientifically, practically.

In collaboration with world’s most leading experts on the market for technologies for development, Reifen Hinghaus GmbH has been introducing rubber compounds to be used later, lanxess and test series into the production for years now. The experience obtained in the factory retreading of tyres over many years and constantly expanding knowledge of researchers in the area of chemical-physical relations are mixed together and meticulously applied. From this collaboration, new knowledge emerges, which is subsequently tested in real life for its reliability.

Theory and practice

The producers of “King Meiler” tyres make their tyres reality on the basis of all the theory. The performance of the tyres is tested under extreme conditions on race tracks in various countries. Strength and weakness of the tyres is best tested in curves on obstacle courses, which allows for ongoing optimisation.

All feedbacks and measured values obtained from test drives are sent directly from the track to the production and the knowledge obtained in this way is used by the research department in their search for best solutions.

Reinventing the wheel

People have already done it, long before our time. Reifen Hinghaus GmbH has been participating in the search for methods most suitable for optimisation of tyres in university-accompanied projects.

One of these studies dealt with the stability of the tyre body. If one considers the physical forces acting on the rubber construction, the next step includes a variety of inter-dependent calculations. In plain words, the strongest strain is not generated when braking - as some people might suspect - but actually, when driving through curves. The result of the described force effects would in extreme cases be detaching of the tyre from the rim; and exactly this unwanted event must be prevented by all means.

The theoretical values, obtained from the one-month or several-month preliminary work are used in the factory retreading and flow directly into the manufacturing process of various models of “King Meiler” tyres.

The results are subsequently tested both in the laboratory conditions under heavy loads and on the most well-known European racing tracks.

King-Meiler Test Team

In order to meet our own high standards, tests and trials in the laboratory and in motor sports have not been satisfying enough for us since a long time. For several years now, we have hired a test team that does nothing but chasing King-Meiler over a wide variety of courses.

The feedback from the certified test driver provides us with an up-to-date overview at all times. Together with the Research & Development department, this produces daily updated results that allow us to optimise production in many stages. 

In the end, our engagement is beneficial to performance and safety.

A hot tyre

Apart from all the tests on the basis of which the “King Meiler” has become the most sought-for awards and certificated, sports drivers can enjoy themselves with the retreaded tyres. On international racing tracks, the "King-Meiler" are chased around the tracks in a wide variety of racing classes and put through their paces.