How do I become a casing supplier?

The first step is already done: With your account data you've logged in to this aerea which is reserved exclusively for casing specialist.

Automatically you are admitted to our newsletter and will receive a purchasing list for casings weekly - close to this sample. Within this list one week after another you will find all those casings we would like to buy.

Please fill in the amount of casings you are able to deliver into each pale green fields and send this file by email, alternatively by fax.

We are now in our last steps of preparation to offer you a purchasing list with less labour input for you. In the future the next generation of submission appears where you can work at interactively while opening at your PC.

Please mind that no change may be made by you at any other field - neither the precompleted nor the empty ones. Otherwise it may result in cancellation of the order and a retroactive price correction, respectively

Access for retailers

You are at the right place. On this page, we offer you often requested documents, forms and information for download.

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