In order to achieve the best possible quality of their product, Reifen Hinghaus GmbH is constantly looking for the best raw materials. Not only that the first contact is made easy for all reputable bidders, but also, the constant exchange of enquiries and offers has received a brand new dimension.

Offer us your goods and for that purpose, use the following platforms:


A high-quality product always requires the best raw material. On request, we will gladly send you the lists with our specifications or exclusion criteria, on the basis of which you can quickly determine if your goods are suitable for our retreaded tyres.

Special rubber compounds

We select appropriate rubber compounds with various combination of individual components for all “King Meiler” tyres which leave our production facilities. In this way we managed to develop silica compounds on the basis of comprehensive research and test results, which are specially developed for our “King Meiler” tyres and manufactured as per our formulas by the best players on the European market when it comes to compounds. On request, we will be glad to contact you and provide you with further details.

Special machines

Newly introduced in the market for special machines for tyre retreading? We already know all what exists in Europe and have been collaborating with the top dogs of Europe for decades now. But you don’t have to be Italian, in order to offer your goods. Send us your portfolio.

Second-hand special machines are always interesting for us. Please send your exposés to our Purchasing Department.