King-Meiler STREAX - Retreading Premium Class

The Dutch tyre technology company MML BV and REIFEN HINGHAUS GmbH have worked closely together in the development to produce the most environmentally friendly tyre on the market, the "King-Meiler STREAX".

This will ensure competence in the fields of design, research & development, engineering, compounding and production for the future. In a changing market, combining these forces is a logical step in the development of sustainable tyres.

King-Meiler STREAX is based on revolutionary compounds for the tread and new ways of producing a retreaded tyre. Never before a retreading brand has dared to compete with well-known brands in the new tyre industry. That is exactly what we will do!

Safely on the road

This is the most environmentally friendly tyre on the market.

With the first available dimension 225/45 R17 W, King-Meiler STREAX is now entering the market. This size was chosen because it is exactly the right choice for a wide range of vehicles and also because it has already been tested for well over 80,000 kilometres on different vehicle models. 

The mobile market is currently changing as much as the performance requirements for tyres for normal road use. Electric and hybrid cars represent progress, and for these vehicles rolling resistance and low noise are the keys to a comfortable journey from A to B. This is the future of mobility.

It is time to take the green turn!

Optimum performance

With the premium summer tyre King-Meiler STREAX, a high-performance tyre is launched on the market. The newly developed retreading process results in an optimised product that scores in all disciplines.

The STREAX is the first retreaded tyre that has been proven to achieve both the B-mark for wet grip and rolling resistance. In terms of noise emission, this tyre is at a low 70 dB.

With its asymmetric tread pattern, it is suitable for mid-range vehicles with focus on low rolling resistance and low noise level. Its performance is excellent on both, dry and wet roads. As a result, you enjoy a safe, comfortable and quiet ride with low fuel consumption. Approval for speeds up to 270 km/h gives a high level of safety.

In combination with the even more ecological manufacturing process, which is CO2 reduced and resource-saving, the fuel-saving, low rolling resistance and on top the waste prevention make the premium tyre King-Meiler STREAX the most environmentally friendly tyre on the market.

Economical friendly and safe

With the King-Meiler STREAX, you can do both in combination: traveling safe and comfortable while being considerate of the environment.

The interest in handling resources in general is growing noticeably. Thanks to new technologies and cooperation in the fields of research and development, the desire to be mobile does not have to compete with increased environmental awareness. The production method of this premium tyre promises that exactly: to achieve high performance and use resources and energy economically, to reduce waste to a minimum.

King-Meiler STREAX

[Translate to English:] ECE 108

The ECE certificate awarded by KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt - Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority)
authorises the manufacturer of “King Meiler” to produce pneumatic tyres and allows international comparison of compliance with uniform technical requirements. The number issued for this is specific and cannot be interchanged. Many facts can be seen on the ECE number: Number “1” next to “E” indicates the country in which the tests have been carried out. Supplementary “108” indicates that these tyres are retreaded and intended to be used in motor vehicles, i.e. passanger cars and their trailers, while “109” indicates that these tyres are intended to be used in utility vehicles and their trailers.

[Translate to English:] Prüflabor Nord

The "Prüflabor Nord" [direct translation: Test Laboratory Nord] accredited by the "Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt" [Federal Motor Vehicle Office] and the "RDW" proves King-Meiler tyres a quality laying above the legal requirements of the ECE 108R and offering tremendous safety in reserve. Owing to extense tests recurring annually King-Meiler tyres carry the quality seal "Approved High Quality Tyres".

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[Translate to English:] DIN ISO 9001:2015

DIN ISO 9001:2015
DIN ISO 9001:2015

[Translate to English:] EU-Reifenlabel

[Translate to English:] EU-Reifenlabel
Das für PKW-Neureifen vorgeschriebene EU-Reifenlabel zeigt Messwerte in 3 Kategorien

Kraftstoffeffizienz/Rollwiderstand (A bis G)
Nasshaftung (A bis G)
externes Rollgeräusch

und gibt damit Aufschluss über die Aspekte Sicherheit, wirtschaftliche Vorteile und Wirkung auf die Umwelt. Für Neureifen Pflicht, für uns Kür: Wir unterziehen unsere King-Meiler dem freiwilligen Produktlabeling in Anlehnung an die ECE R-117. Im Resultat wird sichtbar, dass mit dem Einsatz von Runderneuerten ausschließlich Energie- und Materialressourcen gespart werden. Die Sicherheit bleibt jederzeit gewahrt und unseren hohen Produktionsstandards.

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The King-Meiler STREAX from our premium segment combines the best driving characteristics with a minimum ecological footprint in this high performance…

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